We are often asked if we can deliver and install a project.

While each project is different, we prefer to deliver and install our own work. Our install team is one of the best in the business. This gives us the latitude to have the last word on the quality of the installation. After all, our name is on the line with each job.

That being said, we have also been asked if a client’s contractor can install our work. We have had some excellent results with this arrangement. We prefer to have a meeting to review the installation process with the workers who will be doing the job along with a thorough review of our shop drawings and the 3-D model. We find this helps in the installation process to familiarize the installer with the job, and often we have a chance to discuss any contingency that might arise. We have had occasion to review our construction models with builders from Aspen to Tel Aviv in real time over the internet with excellent results.