Once the design is approved by the client and a production deposit has been met, we move your project into production.

We use a model to generate an extensive and detailed shop drawing for the project, which we will provide to your contractor.

This is where our 3-D pre-visualization begins to pay off. Our craftsmen rely on the model throughout the production process to inform and guide them to completion. We work in a SHOP. We are not a factory. While we do enjoy the benefit of some modern machinery and technology, our work is essentially bench-made. We are meticulous in our material selection and use. Our goal in all our work is realization of quality. Every piece of Inception╩╝s work receives our most careful individual attention.

We are also meticulous about outsourced components. We partner with the largest and most capable manufacturers in the Midwest to provide us with an array of non-standard custom components which are all made possible through the use of our modeling tools.

Because of this relationship, we are able to produce a large volume of very high quality work in a remarkably efficient space. In addition, custom knife profiles, curved components, dovetailed drawers and anything else one can imagine are all available and affordable at Inception Woodworks.

Our goals is simple:

Quality, Craftsmanship, Value and Service