We love good design. Whether it is ours or yours, we strive to implement good design during every step of the creative process, which we believe does not end until the job is complete and installed. Cabinetry and built-in furniture are a permanent part of the architecture of a home, and we strive to make our pieces both elegant and functional.

Whether you are restoring an existing space, adding on to your current home or building a new home, our expertise in architectural design and functional space planning can be the perfect foundation for your new space. We will never pass on a chance to make improvements throughout the design and construction process. We think that is what separates good design from great design.

So bring us your designer’s work or allow us provide you with our in-house design services. Either way, we believe that in order to achieve solid results, every project must begin with solid design.

If you come to us with drawings in hand, our first step is to review your drawings and provide you with preliminary pricing based on those drawings. After an initial budget meeting, If you elect to proceed, we then we begin work on a fully developed 3-D architectural model of your project. It is at this point in the process that most clients can fully grasp their designer’s intent. We sometimes make minor or major modifications based on client input. We will have to make at least one site visit in order to field measure verify that your design will work as your designer intended.

When we start from scratch with a client, we will begin with a preliminary budget and design meeting in which we discuss budget, program, equipment and appliances, materials, style and production schedule. It is at this point we will visit your home or building site to investigate what architectural details will be informing your design. We will measure and gather information that we need in order to begin work on a virtual model of your project. Our designers will review this working model with you from every possible angle. At this point, the model is more representative than a fully developed construction model. It is possible at this stage to explore many options and schemes that might otherwise be overlooked. Plus, itʼs fun!

Once we have a solid design direction and you agree, we will produce a more elaborate working construction model that details all of the workings of your project from drawers and doors to appliances counters and fixtures. We believe that our process can eliminate surprises that can sometimes arise when a client sees the project built for the first time. We also believe that our shop drawings are a benefit to all the trades who work on and around our cabinetry. Take a moment to browse our model library to see for yourself how virtual modeling can benefit the design process.