A Strong Finish:

We take our finishes seriously.

From the latest technology in waterborne low VOC finishes and catalyzed polyurethanes to old fashioned hand-brushed milk paints and hand-rubbed oils, we offer a wide range of finish products and techniques to suit any client or any project.  We encourage clients to get involved in the creative part of choosing the perfect color and finish for their pieces.  Whether it's a fabric, wallpaper or paint color that we must match, just provide a sample or picture and we will work from there to create the perfect custom finish.  

We have been asked to provide cabinetry unfinished to be hand finished after installation. In this case, we prefer to supply unfinished cabinetry with a primed finish which allows us a chance to prepare the surface for paint and to send work out smooth, sealed and less susceptible to the intrusion of unwanted moisture. We are available to consult with finishers and contractors to provide information about best techniques and practices.

We take pride in our latest finishing creations. We follow industry trends and work diligently to stay out in front of the latest styles. We are committed to timeless beauty that lasts. Our finishes reflect that philosophy every day.